We’re a full-service metal fab shop equipped with the equipment and expertise to tackle even the most complex project. We use the latest technology paired industry experience to deliver quality products in a timely manner. Fabrication Services include:

  • Process Materials up to 6″ thick
  • Water and Plasma Cutting
  • CNC Machining
  • Turning
  • Metal Forming
  • Metal Rolling
  • Metal Punching
  • Pipe & Tube Bending
  • Welding
  • Custom Sheetmetal


Alpha is a custom fabrication and welding shop serving customers throughout the country. We work on a wide variety of projects including mechanical and industrial.

Alpha ensures quality and precision by requiring every welder meet requirements laid out by our internal welding program. Our welders are experienced in a variety of welding techniques, including MIG/ARC welding and TIG Welding.  Our welders have training with all metals used in our fabrication processes, including stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum.


At Alpha, we are experts in precision-CNC machining and turning of small to medium-size parts. From our fully automated CNC machining equipment to our tool room mills and lathes, we are capable of meeting all your machining needs. Our experienced machining department can produce high-complexity parts and assemblies including bearings, housings, pins, bushings, blocks, custom nuts, bolts, screws, and other special products.


Alpha has a full-service paint facility to custom paint your parts prior to shipment. 

Trusted For Over 60 Years

Custom manufacturing services from small specialty parts to large complex weldments for major OEM’s